Do you have an apartment or house in Bangalore to LET-OUT


But cannot go through the hassles of advertising, talking to Brokers, showing the property to potential tenants, negotiating a contract and helping your tenants move in.


Oops! That's not all, you now have to start worrying about how well the tenants are maintaining your property, ensuring that they're paying you rent on time and be available to address the concerns of your tenant from leaking taps, electricity bills, neighbor's loud music!


What if, you don't live in the Bangalore, the problem just got bigger....but there's solution at hand.


As a professional Property Management Services company we ensure that all of these are taken care of, with minimal involvement from your end, even when you're away thereby assuring you complete peace of mind regarding your let out property.


LOCATIONS - Bangalore, Hyderabad

After successfully managing over 125+ properties in Bangalore, RentEazy! now expands to Hyderabad!

Backed by standardized REz! processes and deep customer relationships build over the years, RentEazy now serves property owners looking for Property Management and Rental Management services in Bangalore and Hyderabad.