♦ Dual Benefit of Years of Expertise- Both in taking care of Properties and expertise in dealing.with Renting issues, difficult tenants etc..

♦ Transparency in our Dealings- The best rental values will be passed on to you.

♦ Property Owner Focussed-Our services are focused on the Property Owner, we don't charge anything from sub-tenants....our loyalties are clear!

♦ Assured & Personalized attention- just as well as we take care of our own rental properties

♦ Expertise managing varied properties - flats and individual houses 


We are a small company based out of Bangalore, having over 7 years of experience in renting out Houses and Apartments in and around Bangalore.

We've been through the pains and had our learning's from our varied experiences and wish to put our Experience and Expertise to use to help fellow Property Owners realize the full renting potential of their properties with eaze.

We are NOT a Broker or RealEstate agent 


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